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Plus size lingerie from a very MAN FRIENDLY site.

Advice for men buying plus size lingerie as a gift or present

A man searching for advice on lingerie can find a lot of websites giving 'their angle' - from retailers pushing their particular product, to websites for gays or transvestites, and it can get confusing.
This page will help you to make your lingerie shopping experience easy.
There are good reasons why we think you are making the right choice in buying lingerie.
1) It lasts
2) It shows that you have taken some thought over the present
3) It shows that you find your partner attractive, and that you like the idea of her in pretty (sexy) things.
4)It doesn't make your partner put on weight!

For those of you who are experienced in buying lingerie, you will know that it is impossible to guess sizes, and that guessing leads to wrong sizes. If you don't want to ask, there are subtle ways of checking bra and knicker size.
We would suggest you check the lingerie drawer when she isn't around. ( or, if all else fails, the laundry basket )
Always try to pick a favourite bra that she wears often. Look at the information label for her size. There is always a number followed by a letter e.g. 36C. The number refers to her back size and the letter refers to the cup size.
Knickers will state either L, XL, XXL, XXXL or may be in the sizes 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 etc. Once you have this information to hand, start shopping. If you come across a type of bra or garment that you are not familiar with, or you do not know what style to buy, just check out the definitions below. It's as easy as that!
Our "suitable gift" recommendations for plus size lingerie are in RED

Babydoll; - a loose fitting, short nightgown or negligee intended as nightwear. The garment is often trimmed with lace, ruffles , bows and ribbons, optionally with spaghetti straps. Sometimes it is made of sheer or translucent fabric like nylon or chiffon or silk. A good gift if you are unsure of your partners exact size.

Basque; - A bra with a long fitted body that may be boned. Often with suspenders attached, this is suitable for most breast sizes. Needs to be the correct size !

Body; - All in one bra and knickers.

Bodystocking; - Similar to a leotard or a catsuit. It usually has long legs, but it may have long, short, or no sleeves. It is usually made from a sheer fabric similar to those used for stockings and tights, or from fishnet material.
Many consider bodystockings to be very erotic garments.

Bodysuit; - Leotard-like , sometimes used to provide support and shaping, sometimes simply as a top that cannot become untucked from one's trousers or skirt. It usually has snaps at the crotch.

Briefs; - Not like it sounds. These knickers cover all of the bum!

Bustier; - Usually strapless, this is an elongated bra designed to give the breasts lift. More suitable for average and larger breast sizes.

Cami or camisole; - A tight, sleeveless undergarment. In contrast to a loose-fitting babydoll

Corselet; - A bra, girdle and panty all in one sometimes with laces in front or back.

Crotchless lingerie; - Has an opening between the legs. This, of course, allows for sex-play without having to remove your present.

Garter; - Garters are for holding stockings in place but should really be used with a suspender belt or worn with hold up stockings.

'Hipster' Shorts/Thongs; - Low riding knickers for wearing with hipster jeans or trousers.

Liquid Filled or Gel Bra; - These bras have added pockets containing liquid to give smaller breasts lift and padding.

Merry Widow; - A short, strapless corset with half-cups for the breasts and long garters. It refers to a corselette bra in the US.

Peek-a-boo bras; - Have holes at the nipples

Peignoir; - A long robe for women usually sheer and made of chiffon .

Plunge Bra; - Gives an appearance of extra cleavage by pushing the breasts together from the sides.

Push Up Bra; - Similar to the plunge bra but pushes the bust up.

Soft Bra; - Soft bras have no padding or wires and are only really suitable for plus size women with small breast sizes.

Strapless Bra; - Bras designed to be worn under strapless dresses or tops. Suitable for most sizes.

Suspenders; - A belt used for holding stockings in place.

Tanga; - These knickers are cut high at the side to promote the image of long legs and have a thong back.

Teddy - A type of lingerie that can be a combination of shirt and panty,

Thong/G-String/T-String ; - Knickers that only have a small piece of fabric at the back, and a smaller piece at the front. G-Strings sit higher on the hips that T-Strings, so it's 'T's for hipster jeans, but 'G's to avoid a Visible Panty Line when wearing a sleek dress or any smooth fabric that would show the outline of the pants or knickers underneath.

T-Shirt Bra; - Designed to wear under t-shirts to give a seamless image. Only some manufacturers provide for larger sizes.

Underwired Bra; - The underwire gives extra support and shape to the bust. Suitable for average and larger breast sizes, but make sure that the bra is the correct back size ( not too small ) or it is almost impossibly uncomfortable to wear.

Advice about full-figure bra problems

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Bra and Knicker advice for men intending to buy plus size lingerie as a present or gift

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